The Moderation Effect of Athletic Maturity on the Association between Perceived Leadership Behavior and Athlete Satisfaction

  •  Stavroula Ntomali    
  •  Maria Psychountaki    
  •  Miltiades Kyprianou    
  •  Chrysoula Chairopoulou    


Perceived leadership behavior and athlete satisfaction are integral constructs in the multidimensional leadership model. The aim of the present study was to examine the moderation effect of athletic maturity on the association between perceived leadership behavior and athlete satisfaction in synchronized swimming athletes. The sample was comprehensive, as it included all 165 Greek synchronized swimming athletes participating in national championships and elite athletes from the national teams participating in international events. Athletic maturity was classified according to the athletes’ category into comen, junior and senior. Athlete satisfaction was measured with Athletes Satisfaction Scale and perceived leadership behavior was assessed with the Leadership Scale for Sports-Perceived edition. The questionnaires were completed at the end of the competitive season at the athletes’ training grounds. Results showed that the strength of association between perceived leadership behavior and athlete satisfaction is significantly greater in the senior category as compared to the comen and junior categories. This association proves to be stronger for the dimension of satisfaction with leadership that is adequately explained by the factors of social support and training and instruction. The findings provide support to the notion that athletic maturity is a moderator of the effect of perceived leadership behavior on athlete satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.