Investigation of the Correlation of Family Resilience of Parents with a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Parenting Stress and Social Support

  •  Paschalis Kavaliotis    


Stress is an extremely serious symptom in the care of an autistic child and it deteriorates mainly in women and depending on the seriousness of the autism symptoms. As a result, physical and mental health problems are caused in the children’s carers, having as a consequence the attack on family resilience. Social support, standard or non-standard, seems that it can be related to the parents’ reduced stress levels as well as to an increase in resilience, even though not all researches agree on this conclusion. The correlation of these parameters in this study comes from a wider quantitative research, the sample of which were the parents of 312 autistic children in Greece, all of them couples, namely 624 men and women, divided in equal numbers. The scales’ correlations in this research showed a strong correlation of the family communication and problem solving with the utilization of resources that concern the social and financial field, and also with important management strategies of autism, such as maintaining a positive outlook and the ability to make meaning of adversities.

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