The Drive and Mirror Image in the Acousma

  •  Dianyuan Xiong    
  •  Shaohui Miao    
  •  Xudan Zhang    


The purpose of this article is to explore the depth psychological mechanism of the acousma projection, the
association between the psychological gravitation and the projection object by the methods of mental analysis
and analysis psychology, i.e. the method of unconsciousness analysis, the method of antitype analysis, and the
method of mental drive. The research result indicates that the “psychological gravitation” attracts the
consciousness to descend as unconsciousness, and the oppression produces large numerous of energy, and the
release of energy compels the consciousness to ascend round and be transformed as the dissident consciousness
in the consciousness layer, i.e. be transformed as the dissident attacking strength, and the projection and
absorption of the unconsciousness thinking activated by the attacking strength in the mirror image produce the
acousma which is the objectification of the psychological gravitation and unconsciousness, and agglomerates
part of self-consciousness in the objectification identified by others, and descend and eliminate consciousness, i.e.
the psychological energy of attacking agglomerate part of self-consciousness, and the energy and mirror image
puzzle the self-consciousness. The projection makes the dissident mirror image to be dissident, hostile and
enslaved object, and essentially, that is the atman is attracted, controlled and devoured by the psychological
gravitation. By understanding thoroughly this psychological course of unconsciousness, the energy flows to
consciousness, which can enhance the energy, release the blocked energy, even weaken and eliminate the
acousma, i.e. weaken and eliminate the objectification of the acousma projection.

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