Analysis of Characters of Ideal Friends in Contemporary College Students’ Heart: Taking Certain College of Shandong as the Example

  •  Shuang Li    


In this article, 280 college students are randomly selected in certain college of Shandong Province, and the
method of factor analysis is used to study the characters of ideal friends in college students’ heart, and the
differences of college students’ requirements for ideal friends are compared in different grades, sexes and
economic status. The result shows that (1) the ideal friends in contemporary college students’ heart should
possess four main characters, i.e. sincere kindness & friendly tolerance, optimistic personality & being good at
communication, diligence, assiduity & active enterprising, graceful image & good temperament, (2) female
students require higher quality for the factor of “graceful image & good temperament” than male students, (3)
two factors of “optimistic personality & being good at communication” and “diligence, assiduity & active
enterprising” have no obvious differences in sophomores, juniors and seniors who all require higher quality than
freshmen’s requirements for friends, and the factor of “diligence, assiduity & active enterprising” has the
interaction of sex and grade, (4) for the factor of “sincere kindness & friendly tolerance”, poor students require
higher quality than others for friends.

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