Analysis on Psychological Impacts due to Violation of the Rights of Women Workers

  •  Idha Rahayuningsih    


This research aims to know the violations of the labour rights of women and analyze the psychological impact as a result of such breach. The results show there are some companies which do not meet the labor rights of women: 1) allow maternity and miscarriage leave to woman that is a labor contract but not giving salary; 2) grant leave of menstruation to woman that is a labor contract but not giving the salary and undermine the leave permit to woman that is a permanent labor; 3) do not give the time of breastfeeding at work; 4) does not provide a shuttle vehicle to woman labor at night; 5) no separated toilets for men and women. The Psychological impacts experienced by female labor are: 1) psychological problems experienced by female labor who suffer dilematic choices between the need of childbirth or miscarriage with economic needs; 2) female labor feel lost to get the chance of breastfeeding baby, feel guilt when daytime because no time for breasfeeding; 3) female contact who experience syndrome of premenstruation, they work even if uncomfortable, weak, and sick because if they are off then get no salary; 4) female labor feel afraid, threatened physically, of being the victims of sexual harassment on the way to or back from the company at night; 5) female labor feel uncomfortable, worried to men due to the adjacent toilet location.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.