Person-Environment Fit: a critical review of the previous studies and a proposal for future research

  •  Kamarul Ahmad    


This article proposes that in the future, P-E fit studies should use objective (as opposed to subjective) measures of the environment, such as the group size, in order to avoid numerous methodological problems. Several hypotheses were formulated in this article. Group size was hypothesised to moderate the following relationships: apprehension, sensitivity, social boldness and extroversion with co-worker satisfaction, sensitivity with pay satisfaction, liveliness with performance, intelligence (g) with pay satisfaction, and, intelligence (g), with overall job satisfaction. This article also proposes that the current supplementary fit model can be extended in the future, to measure superior-subordinate fit also. It was hypothesised that higher superior-subordinate congruence would lead to higher satisfaction and performance of the subordinate.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.