Work Family Conflict: A Review of Female Teachers in Indonesia

  •  Siti Nurmayanti    
  •  Armanu Thoyib    
  •  Noermijati -    
  •  Dodi Irawanto    


The pattern of dual earning families began to replace the traditional family pattern as the dominant family model, thereby causing a shift in family models. Traditional family patterns, characterized by the role of men as breadwinner and the role of women as the one taking care of the household. In this globalize world, both men and women play a dual role as parents and workers. Recent research on work-family conflict (hereinafter referred to as WFC) ignores those in teaching profession. In reality, WFC can occur in all professions, not to exclude teachers and educators Studies on WFC have such important value because they reveal the relationship among work, family life, health, and general well-being of employees. This literature study aims at exploring WFC that occurs among female teachers in the Indonesian context. This paper also adressed that WFC occurs in female teachers as to provide understanding on WFC as a work and performance constraints.

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