Subjective Happiness as Mediator between Personal Growth Initiative and Life Satisfaction in Adolescents

  •  Sarita Sood    
  •  Richa Gupta    


Purpose: This study was carried out to assess the mediating role of subjective happiness in relationship between personal growth initiative and life satisfaction. The relationship between personal growth initiative, subjective happiness and life satisfaction was also explored.

Basic procedure: The study involved 200 adolescent students from Jammu and Rajauri (India). Pearson’s correlation, regression analysis and Sobel test were used for statistical analysis.

Main findings: Results revealed positive relationship between all the three variables in study. Partial mediation role of subjective happiness was confirmed in this study.

Principle conclusions: The findings of study reveal that efforts made to seek change develop feelings of happiness which in turn is responsible for life satisfaction. The results obtained emphasize on developing certain interventions to enhance subjective happiness in adolescent students for greater satisfaction in life. Findings of the study might be particularly useful for education system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.