Journey from the Heart of Darkness to the Heart of Sadness: Fiction v/s Reality

  •  Yousof A. Qasaimeh    
  •  Monika Joshi    


The purpose of this study is to perceive the give – and – take between art and real life conditions. It presents information on the writing of the novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad whose continental experience and familiarity with the imperial milieu in the east and Africa rendered him capable of  bringing  much greater knowledge of real politic into literary work more than any one else.
It seems fruitful to see how the authors deal with the gap between how things could or should be in a given society, and how they really are. International politics is devoid of moral values as can be seen in the case of Congo in Heart of Darkness (a fictional situation) and in the present Iraqi situation (a real- life situation).
In Heart of Darkness there is a suggestion that the exploited will some day, sooner or later, rise in revolt against the exploitation of the foreign rule. Can oppressed nations like Congo and Iraq hope to conclude this tiresome journey in the near future and set out a fresh on new journey, perhaps one into the Heart of Happiness? The answer to this question remains unknown at the present time. In spite of this, people of these nations should be optimize, keeping in mind that it is always darkest before the dawn, and that Stars shine out the most brilliantly through dark clouds. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.