The Memory Promoting Effect of Smiling Face in Face Cognition

  •  Ningxia Wang    


This paper takes into consideration the universality of smiling face cognition and adapts holistic recognition strategy to study smiling face recognition within intercrossing culture. Research results showed that when the faces are upright, compared with quiet face, the response time of smiling face is quicker and the recognition time of smiling is improved. Moreover, holistic recognition strategy had its advantage under the upright condition; however it was uneasy to exert its function under the upside-down condition. Smiling face cognition was greatly influenced by the upside-down effect and smiling face recognition relied more on the holistic recognition strategy. What is more, holistic recognition strategy could overcome difficulties of recognizing various particular facial expressions of people from different cultures, and the smiling face could be commonly shared between the different cultures.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.