An Inter-rater Reliability Study of a Self-assessment for the Multiple Intelligences

  •  C. Shearer    


This paper describes the results of an inter-rater reliability study of a self-assessment for the multiple
intelligences (Gardner, 1983/1993). Previous studies found the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment
Scales (MIDAS; Shearer, 2007) demonstrate content, criterion group, concurrent and construct validity (Shearer,
in press) but that respondent reliability needed further investigation. An original multi-informant study (n=74)
reported moderate to high levels of categorical agreement among raters (40% exact and 80% within one
category). This cross-cultural replication study found even higher levels of agreement (46% exact and 92%
within one category) among primary and secondary raters (n=173) for respondents from five different countries.
Implications for both theory and practice are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.