Influence of Selected Factors on Behaviour of Adolescents Involved in Political Violence

  •  Godwin Ogbebor    


The research is on “violence in politics among adolescents in the Nigerian society”. The research problems were to find out why adolescents have become violent when they are involved in politics. Certain factors were selected for investigation. The purpose was to find out the relationship between these factors and violence in polition in order to make recommendation on limiting the influence of these factors. The study was guided by five (5) hypotheses based on the relationship of socio-economic status, age of adolescents, parental care, discipline and situational background of violence occurrence. The descriptive design was used for the study and data collected through questionnaire. The chi-square method was adopted to analyse data collected. Findings showed the relationship of these factors with violence in adolescents in politics. Recommendations were made based on the results of data analyzed and findings of the research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.