Locus of Control Associations with Autobiographical Memory as Measured by Free and Directed Memory Recall

  •  Jorge Trives    
  •  José Postigo    
  •  Laura Segura    


Reduced specificity of memory retrieval has been explained by self-ruminative thinking. However, the relationship between autobiographical memory and other psychological variables has been less frequently assessed. The relationship between personality variables and memory retrieval could also vary in function of task requirements. The main aim of this work was to explore personality traits related to self-perceptions that could explain a specific trend of retrieval: Locus of Control, Self-Valoration, Life Satisfaction and Rumination. Furthermore, these relationships were explored under directed and free recall conditions. From the analysed variables, an Internal Locus of Control explained significantly specificity of recall in both conditions (free and directed recall). Rumination was explained by Life Satisfaction and specific memories obtained under free-recall conditions. These results suggest that probable effects of Locus of Control and self-perceptions on specificity of memories should be considered for its inclusion on memory search explicative models.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.