Determinants of Sustainable Food Consumption: A Meta-Analysis Using a Traditional and a Structura Equation Modelling Approach

  •  Yan Han    
  •  Håvard Hansen    


Based on a database of 16 empirical studies, this MASEM study aims to provide an overview of existing antecedents of sustainable food consumption within an integrative framework based on the TPB. Among the antecedents, Personal Norm, Attitude and Subjective Norm displayed strongest effects on Intention, followed by Beliefs, Perceived Behavioral Control and Ethical Concern, which were also within the scope of medium to large. As for the correlations of Behavior, Personal Norm, Attitude and Subjective Norm showed strongest effects, and the effects of Intention, Beliefs and Perceived Behavioral Control were also within the scope of medium to large. Results of the MASEM study indicate that both TPB and extended TPB models have statistically acceptable power in explaining the intention and behavior of sustainable food consumption, while a slight increase was made to the amount of explained variance of intention by adding Personal Norm to TPB. The results of our meta-analyses give readers an understanding of the magnitude and significance of relationships between antecedents and intention in the sustainable food consumption domain.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.