Religiosity Orientations and Personality Traits with Death Obsession

  •  Hamzeh salmanpour    
  •  Ali Issazadegan    


The aim of the current study was to investigate the relationship and predictability of death obsession through religiosity orientations and personality traits. Sample included 484 (246 girls, 238boys) that had been chosen through random stratified sampling. In order to assess research instrument was death obsession scale (DOS), NEO personality inventory (NEO- FFI) and Allport religious orientation scale. Data were analyzed using correlation and stepwise regression analyses method and t-test.

Results showed that the relationship between death obsessions with extrinsic orientation toward religion is positive whereas death obsession has a negative relation with intrinsic orientation toward religion. Also findings showed there is significant positive relationship between neuroticism and death obsession (r=0/42, p<0/01). Other dimensions at personality had negative relationship with death obsession. The greater negative relationship was between intrinsic orientation toward religion and conscientiousness dimension (r=-0/34, p<0/01). Of all research variables, extrinsic orientation toward religion and neuroticism was able to predict 19 present of variance of death obsession. In study of difference between two group female and male in death obsession results showed that significant difference between two groups (t=5/38, df=482, p<0/001).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.