The Mediating Effect of Person-Environment Fit on the Relationship between Organisational Culture and Job Satisfaction

  •  Kamarul Ahmad    
  •  Kayathry Veerapandian    


Whereas previous research tends to look at Person-Environment (P-E) fit as a predictor of employee outcomes, this is one of the first studies to provide evidence of P-E fit as a mediator of the relationship between organisational culture and the employee outcome of job satisfaction. Data were obtained from full-time employees who were working in private and public sectors from various organisations in Malaysia (n = 204). Person-environment fit was a significant mediator of the relationship between organisational culture and job satisfaction. This has wide-ranging implications for organisational development consultants who intend to shape the culture of various organisations, on the assumption that certain organisational cultures will lead to certain desirable employee outcomes. Managers need to pay attention to not only their organisational culture such as training, rewards, teamwork and communication but to also ensure that there is a fit between individuals and their work environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.