The Influence of Neurotic Personality Traits on Excessive Short Video Usage

  •  Ziqi Gong    


This study focuses on the influence of neuroticism on the tendency to consume a high amount of short videos, revealing the internal flow as well as paths that lead to it. The study used a cohort of 513 undergraduates and employed tools such as the Chinese Big Five Personality Inventory (in the brief form), the Short Video Addiction Scale, the Flow Experience Scale, and the Brief Self-Control Scale. Findings from this research underscore that: - The loading of neuroticism on the overuse of short videos are significantly positive; - The effect of neuroticism on the overindulgence of short video content acts through two routes: First, an indirect path of self-control and flow, and second, a serial mediation path between self-control and flow. The comprehensive analysis explains excessive consumption of short video content that gives birth to the guidance on strategies of prevention and correction that will be aimed at college students. This thoughtful analysis adds value to the discussion related to digital behaviors and their psychological roots.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.