Emotional Disorder of Adolescents on Family Interactive Theory

  •  Peijun Qi    
  •  Jingyun Ma    


As the enhancement of public awareness, more researchers are realizing the severity of mental health problems, which generally begin before the age of 14. In response to the issue of psychological sensitivity among adolescents, a summary was made from the perspective of emotional disorders among college students. Persistent emotional disorders can lead to biases in self-awareness. Self-worth is an important aspect of self. It affects individual cognition, emotion and behavior, and even physical health. An effective way to face adolescents' Developmental disorder is Improving adolescents' self-esteem is an effective. For this phenomenon, Satya has put forward a systematic coping theory in family relations, interpersonal communication, and self-consultation, and used discourse analysis. The research methods of case analysis and desktop research summarize the emotional disorders of Chinese adolescents in the past 5 years. By identifying common causes, identifying and analyzing coping strategies, we explore the imbalances that occur in the development process of adolescents from the perspectives of language, communication, and culture.

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