Human Life during a Pandemic: Exploring Intercorrelation between Fear of COVID-19 and Cognitive Judgments of Satisfaction

  •  Saeed M. N. T. Bebane    


The cognitive judgment of satisfaction is suggested to be influenced by self-perceived levels of fear of COVID-19. However, limited research has been conducted as to the effects of fear of COVID-19 on the internal structure of the cognitive judgments of satisfaction. This study aimed to investigate the intercorrelation that existed between fear of COVID-19 and cognitive judgments of satisfaction via taking a sample of the population in the Kurdistan region of Iraq (n = 214). The findings suggested that there was a significant correlation between fear of COVID-19 and cognitive judgments of satisfaction. Accordingly, the results indicated that they share a significant negative association. Furthermore, results revealed that the level of fear that an individual experience during the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacts on different types of life dissatisfaction. Therefore, individuals with different types of dissatisfaction in life (i.e., extremely dissatisfied, dissatisfied, and slightly dissatisfied) showed significantly higher levels of fear of COVID-19 than individuals with different types of life satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.