Loss of Control over Addictive Behaviors Mediate the Effect of Social Exclusion in Addiction

  •  Takuto Yoshida    
  •  Mitsuhiro Ura    


Previous research suggests that a lack of social connections predicts increased addiction-related problems, and that loss of control mediates this relationship. However, this mediation effect is inconsistent and depends on the type of addiction. We investigated if the loss of control mediated the relationship between low social connections and addiction, by integrating different addictive behaviors. Our results demonstrated that experiences of exclusion from others and rejection from society predicted a higher degree of addiction-related problems Integrating and analyzing different addictions demonstrate the mediation effect of loss of control over addiction. These results suggest that the mediation effects of loss of control between low social connection and addiction-related problems are observed when addictive behaviors are integrated. Our findings can suggest that the loss of control of addictive behaviors is the necessary factor to predict addiction-related problems by low social connection.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.