Factors Affecting Teachers Job Satisfaction in Case of Wachemo University

  •  Sewagegn Mola Melaku    
  •  Tigist Shiferaw Hunde    


This study was design to assess factors that affect teachers’ job satisfaction in Wachemo University. To meet this objective, the researcher drew 768 in teachers in male are 663 and the rest of female are 105 in number. In order to make the study the researcher was select 54 males and 34 female’s teachers to determine sample size by using simple random sampling method. The main objective of this study was to assess and explore the factors that contribute to job satisfaction. The basic research question of this paper was first, what factors affect the teachers’ job satisfaction in working place second, what is negative the job satisfaction of teachers in working place Third, what mechanism are helps to reduce the existence of specific factors. So, the data collected is through questionnaire and interview. Finally, the collected data were analyzed by using table and percentage. The result revealed that the major work related factors that affect teachers’ job satisfaction were salary stressful job, overtime work without payment, relationship with top management opportunities for advancement, chance for promotion, and availability of teaching learning materials and rules and regulation of the campus. The study suggested that it is advisable to the concerned bodies especially the management organ of Wachemo University should give on attention to those factors and should plan different strategies to improve teachers’ job satisfaction and there must be motivational and incentive strategies to strengthen and motivated teachers and to bring job satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.