The Sleep Behaviour of Students’ Athletes in the Nights Prior to Competition

  •  Olufemi A. Adegbesan    
  •  James Matthews    
  •  Mary. N Pindar    
  •  Celina. M Adewunmi    


The prevalence of sleep disturbance in athletes’ in the nights prior to important competitions or games is a worrisome phenomenon. Sixty-one athletes from an Irish university with age range of 19- 26 years were asked about their sleep habits in the nights prior to important competitions using the ‘Competitive Sport Sleep’’, questionnaire with a descriptive research design approach. Results indicated that (85%) of athletes had experienced poor sleep in the nights prior to a sports event. The causes of sleep disturbance were attributed as being more internal than external, with reasons such as nervousness and thoughts about competition particularly prevalent.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.