Transformation of Social-Personal Mindsets Using MASTER-KIT Technique as a Scientific and Practical Problem

  •  Darya R. Kuramshina    
  •  Daniya Z. Akhmetova    
  •  Ilona G. Morozova    


The article is devoted to the methodological basis of study the problem of the personal and social homeostasis as the manifestation of satisfaction with life, i.e., happiness. The West European and American theories of personality are characterized, they serve as the methodological basis for constructing and justifying the authors’ technique for achieving individual and group goals. The authors’ technique “Master KIT” was tested on 101 participants and showed a positive dynamics in improving the well-being, mood and activity, psychological state. The issues of an objective assessment of changes that arise on the physical and psychological state of clients, their social well-being while using the technigue are  relevant. The obtained data will help with the subsequent interpretation of the possibilities of applying the methodology, forming recommendations and improving the procedure of using this technique. Scientific research will contribute to solving practical problems aimed at optimizing a software product, expanding the available product functions, and also has theoretical significance in studying the mechanisms of influence of a technique on a person.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.