Gender Differences in Social Media Use and Cyberbullying in Belize: A Preliminary Report

  •  Grace Mariko Kasahara    
  •  Daniel Houlihan    
  •  Collin Estrada    


Cyberbullying is a global issue that usually occurs with increased social media usage. A number of studies have found significant gender differences in social media use and cyberbullying, although gender differences are not consistent across studies. Despite the increase in access to cellphones and Internet in Belize, no studies have investigated how adolescents are using these resources. The purpose of this study was to investigate gender differences involving how adolescents in Belize are using social media and if cyberbullying is a problem.

Results provide preliminary information about social media use and cyberbullying in Belize. It indicates that gender differences exist within social media use and cyberbully reporting, and future studies should investigate influencing cultural factors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.