Surface Modification of Detonation Nanodiamonds with Platinum and Palladium Nanoparticles

  •  V. G. Isakova    
  •  V. P. Isakov    
  •  A. I. Lyamkin    
  •  N. V. Zharikova    
  •  A. S. Yunoshev    
  •  I. V. Nemtsev    


Acetylacetonates of platinum group metals (M(acac)n, acac= CH3COCHCOCH3, n - oxidation state of metal) are the most suitable precursors for use in highly effective MOCVD (metal-organic chemical vapor deposition) processes because of their thermal properties, low price of initial ligand and accessible synthesis methods. In this study we have developed a simple, scalable inexpensive, MOCVD-like approach to the deposition of Pt and Pd nanoparticle dispersions on powder detonation nanodiamonds (DND) using combustion in air of powder mixtures of DND with Pt and Pd acetylacetonates. This one-step process requires no specialized apparatus, and is conducted at mild temperatures (180oC – 250oC). The substrate surface of DND initiates chemical thermal destruction of precursor and deposition of nanoparticle networks composed of constituent particles. DND-supported Pd and Pt nanoparticles with their loading being from 10 and 5wt. % were obtained the average of particle size 20-25 nm and 7-10nm decreases with decreasing the metal loading. For additional purification and disaggregation of the commercial detonation-synthesized nanodiamond (DNDcomm) the method of annealing of the powder mixtures DNDcomm with Na(acac) have been used. The purified diamond nanoparticulates (DND), as well as DNDcomm, Pt/DND and Pd/DND, were subjected to physicochemical characterizations, such as X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
  • ISSN(Print): 1916-9698
  • ISSN(Online): 1916-9701
  • Started: 2009
  • Frequency: semiannual

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