Practices of Management Development: A Malaysian Case Study

  •  Kian Aun Law    


This paper deals with a case study of Management Development (MD) practices at Malaysian Assurance Alliance (MAA). The aim of this research is to investigate how a large Malaysian insurance corporation developed and integrated MD initiatives with current organizational needs and tasks. Attempts were made to map and categorize the MD initiatives according to position and course content both for the staff and agency. Analysis of historical records and semi-structured interviews were conducted to identify the organizational MD needs as a result of context and task. Findings show that a company-wide development system for staff and agency was effectively integrated to provide a direct support to competence management endeavour. The company’s MD initiatives have also resulted in managerial implications including (1) increased effectiveness of MD initiatives through emphasis on needs and participation; (2) mutually conceived and aligned development system has formed a learning culture in Malaysian Assurance Alliance; and (3) effective MD initiative audit has ensured customer-oriented competence development in the organization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.