An Investigation on Moving Rural Secondary Schools to Town in New Countryside Construction: Taking Ling County in Shandong Province as An Example

  •  Shuang Li    


Based on some problems lying in current rural secondary education taking Ling County as an example, this paper proves the necessity and feasibility of moving rural secondary schools to town in the current condition: it is an objective demand by the changes in students; it is a necessary demand to optimize resource allocation and to improve educational quality as well as to improve teachers’ welfare and to optimize staff quality; it is a necessary demand to narrow the disparity between the urban and rural areas and to realize education equality; preferential national policies have offered guarantee for moving rural secondary schools to town; the improved rural conditions has provided it with basic guarantee; the physical and psychological characteristics of students in secondary schools have also provided precondition for it and the development of rural economics has also provided financial support.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.