Neurocognitive Performance: Returning to Competition

  •  Larry W. McDaniel    
  •  Kyle McIntire    


Athletes who suffer from concussions under report their symptoms in order to expedite their return to competition. Athletic trainers and coaches must be aware of what is going on with athletes, even if it means requiring them to refrain from competition. Ninety percent of concussions are minor and can be difficult to diagnosis. There is a lack of guidelines available for physicians and athletic trainers to follow when dealing with concussions. However, healthcare officials are recognizing the importance of concussion management and experts agree that athletes who have concussion symptoms should not return to competition until they are fully resolved. Computerized testing can efficiently and effectively assess and diagnose a concussion. Physicians and athletic trainers can monitor these tests, which saves athletes time and money. Computerized tests such as ImPACT and CRI provide clear results that are easy to read. By reviewing the results physicians and athletic trainers may better diagnose the symptoms which prevent the athletes from being dishonest about their symptoms in order to return to competition before they have recovered.

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