The Orientation and Development of the Public Affair Management Specialty

  •  Chenghui Li    
  •  Yongxian Fu    
  •  Rongxiang Chen    
  •  Xueqi Hu    


Though the specialty of the public affair management has been developed for ten years, but it is still facing the actuality that the orientation and development are difficult. Only by confirming the cultivation target and the development orientation, the development of the specialty could find the development approach and method. According to the actuality of the public affair management of China and the public management education, this specialty should orientate to cultivate public management and service personnel for the establishment units, and cultivate startup and service personnel for the non-governmental organizations, and cultivate the modern citizens with public thought, public responsibility, and public ability, and cultivate the builders with modern public spirit for the local economy and the social development. Based on that, to fully perfect the course system and the teaching mode, and enhance the power of teachers, could really develop and stably enhance the specialty of the public affair management.

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