Analysis the Status of Socialization Variables in the Iran High School Textbooks with Emphasize on Motahari’s Thoughts

  •  Seyyed Mirjalili    
  •  Ahmad Abari    
  •  Azar Gholizadeh    
  •  M. Yarmohammadian    


Live in a society, requires the acceptance of some restrictions and rules that they applied to the individuals from the community and others social organizations. So, it can be said that socialization is a process that citizens by its help learns the values, beliefs and behavior standards which social environment have expected of them. In order to, the aim of this paper is analysis the status of sociability variables in the Iran high school textbooks with point on Shahid Motahari (Note 1) derived thoughts in framework of social theories. Applied methodology is based on librarian and documentary approach and these proofs are like data for this research. According to this research goal, for sampling was used of purposeful and theoretical sampling. Results showed that if a person don’t put itself as a separate part of its community and if some activities carried out are in accordance with the society existence and applied it as an element to affirm their identity. Finally, we analysis other parts of social ownership, social trust and it is presented some suggestions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.