The University and the Voluntary Work Culture: Reality and Perspective

  •  Mohammed Almaraee    


To explore the present role of universities in propagating the culture of voluntary work in the Saudi community, mixed research design has been incorporated along with descriptive statistics for retrieving outcomes. The research design has been implemented in order to evaluate the concept of voluntary work culture among the university staff and students and the factors associated with it. A structured questionnaire was designed and distributed to the sample of university students and staff members of Najran University to find the present situation of the university from the perspective of staff members and students and their role in propagating voluntary work culture. Universities play a modest role in propagating the voluntary work culture. Moreover, the students and faculty agree regarding the concept of voluntary work culture. No statistically significant differences exist among the male and female staff of the university. The research participants have emphasized on spreading voluntary work culture.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.