What Challenges and Benefits Can Non-Formal Law and Language Integrated Learning Bring to University Students?

  •  Anastasia Atabekova    
  •  Rimma Gorbatenko    
  •  Aleksandr Belousov    
  •  Ruslan Grebnev    
  •  Olga Sheremetieva    


The paper explores the ways in which non-formal content and language integrated learning within university studies can affect students’ academic progress. The research has included theoretical and empirical studies. The article focuses on the observation of students’ learning process, draws attention to challenges and benefits students experienced through non-formal Law and Language integrated learning. Emphasis is laid on those non-formal learning activities that may be viewed as part of the university students’ training for their future professional activities. The paper provides the results of students’ interviews and questionnaires revealing the issues that students consider important regarding non-formal content and language learning. The research findings aim to contribute to a better understanding of the overall interdependence of formal and non-formal learning within the university academic environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.