The Relationship between Organizational Climate and the Organizational Silence of Administrative Staff in Education Department

  •  Asghar Pozveh    
  •  Fariba Karimi    


The aim of the present study was to determine the relationship between organizational climate and the organizational silence of administrative staff in Education Department in Isfahan. The research method was descriptive and correlational-type method. The study population was administrative staff of Education Department in Isfahan during the school year 2014-2015 with a number of 517 staff, of whom a number of 220 staff were selected as the sample using stratified random sampling fit for the size and by means of Krejcie and Morgan’s (1970) sampling formula. Measurement instruments were Sussman and Deep’s (1989) Organizational Climate Questionnaire and Van Dyne et al. (2003) Organizational Silence Questionnaire. For data analysis, Pearson correlation coefficient, stepwise regression and multiple variance tests were utilized. The results indicated that there was an inverse and significant relationship between organizational climate, bonuses in organization (r=-0.163 and P=<0.05) and procedures in organization (r= -0.196 and P=<0.01), and organizational silence. The results of multiple regression indicated that the best predictors of organizational silence were procedures in organization and objectives of organization, respectively (P=<0.01) among other dimensions of organizational climate. The results of multivariate analysis of variance test showed that there was a significant difference in respondents’ opinions about organizational climate, considering their age.

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