Study and Practice of the Cultivation of Mathematics Teaching Design Ability for Normal College Students

  •  Zhenhui Xu    
  •  Hanlin Chen    


With the development of the course reform of elementary education, the requirements that the classroom teaching should fully embody the new concept of education and inspire students to actively participate in classroom teaching are higher and higher, so high school teachers should have stronger teaching design ability. To make normal college students to be competent for the mathematics teachers of high school after they graduate, the cultivation of their classroom teaching design ability should be strengthened. The concrete strategies include following aspects, i.e. strengthening normal college students’ learning of the learning theory and the teaching theory and establishing correct teaching concept, confirming the guiding ideas of mathematics classroom teaching deign under new course environment, confirming the contents of the mathematics classroom teaching design, apperceiving the mathematics classroom teaching design by various channels and modes, and instructing normal college students to study and discuss materials intensively, attempt design and practice, and summarize experiences.

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