ICT in Language Learning - Benefits and Methodological Implications

  •  Kristina Mullamaa    


ICT as a medium for teaching is becoming more and more acknowledged. In this article we wish to share some aspects of using ICT that have proved positive and stimulating both for students and the teacher. We share our experience in using the Blackboard e-learning environment for teaching language courses in English and Swedish (different levels), for learning terminology, and ESP (English for Specific Purposes). Our focus will be on how the web-based environment can be used for supporting student-centred learning, increasing student motivation, individualisation and cooperation in creating the study-materials, at the same time developing a feeling of “us” and of belonging together. Taking a look at our different past and current courses, we will view different ways of motivating students by engaging them in building the learning materials: data-bases on specific research topics, power-point presentations and on-line dictionaries. We analyse how the ICT solutions can be used as a support for different classroom activities, group-work and pair-work assignments; for independent work; for enforcing student-centred learning and the principles of individualisation; forming one´s personal opinion, and being able to express it on topical issues.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.