The Development of University Students’ Self-Sufficiency Based on Interactive Technologies by Their Immersion in the Professional Activity

  •  Elena Ljubimova    
  •  Elvira Galimullina    
  •  Rinat Ibatullin    


The article discusses the problems of using web technologies in the development of self-sufficiency of University students. We hypothesize that real professional situations in which he/she is obliged to work independently on the basis of web technologies contribute to the development of students’ self-sufficiency. It is shown that the activity approach to learning, based on the use of project learning technologies in the process of preparing for lessons by learners and interactive technologies of blended learning, promotes the development of independence and self-reliance of students on the basis of web technologies. This article contains a matrix of integration of interactive technologies in the process of independent work of students. This will allow the teacher to select the tools for Moodle Leaning Management System in order to successfully implement the interactive forms and education methods in independent work of students in the conditions of turning down the monologue-based oral presentation of training material by the teacher. For assessment of the effectiveness results of research we carried out a survey of Bachelors of pedagogical education. The article presents the results of the survey of four-year students confirming the results of the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.