Investigate the Child’s Scientific Activities on Practical Child’s Activity Books for the Kindergarten’s Children

  •  Intisar ALdarabah    
  •  Reham Al-Mouhtadi    


This research aimed to investigate the extent to which the interactive international curriculum is included in the “Child’s Scientific Activities” issued by the Ministry of Education in Jordan, for the kindergarten stage according to the global criterion (NRC). In order to answer the study questions, an instrument was developed to measure the extent of including the interactive international curriculum “The Child’s Scientific Activities” for the Kindergartens’ stage in the scientific concepts. The instrument consisted of scientific concepts that involved three basic aspects, the physics sciences aspects, Biological Sciences aspects and Earth and space aspects. The number of concepts was (20) scientific concepts. The instrument’s validity was tested through introducing it to specialists’ reviewers. Also the stability analysis was tested by re-analysis; the stage time span between the analyses was one month. The statistic data and frequencies were used to investigate the availability of the scientific concepts in the interactive international curriculum for the kindergarten stage, depending on the study instrument which was built for the study’s purposes, and to investigate the suggested scientific concepts to be included in the curriculum. The study results showed a list of suggested scientific concepts to be included in the curriculum. Also, the results exhibited the availability of the scientific concepts in the curriculum (16) scientific concepts from (20) concepts, by (80%) According to the results, the study recommended the kindergarten curriculum designers to include the suggested scientific concepts, and to be presented in a structural balance, and in depth to be appropriate to the developmental characteristics at the kindergarten stage.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.