Needs Assessment to Development of Biology Textbook for High School Class X-Based the Local Wisdom of Timor

  •  Andam Ardan    
  •  M. Ardi    
  •  Yusminah Hala    
  •  Amiruddin Supu    
  •  Gufran Dirawan    


This research aims to analyze the needs of the development of the X grade Biology textbook of Senior High School based the local wisdom of Timor. The subject is a Senior High School Biology curriculum Classes are taught at Senior High School X SMA in Kupang Regency on the academic years 2012/2013. Object of research includes: (1) core competency and competencies profiles of basic Senior High School Biology Class taught by strategic X insert the local wisdom of Timor (2) characteristics of the concepts relevant of Timor local wisdom is integrated into Senior High Scholl Biology textbook of class X. Research Data collected with interviews and question form, as well as analyzed by descriptive. Research findings show that: (1) there are 10 basic competency covered in Biology learning materials namely 4 material, material World biodiversity of plants sub material Classification of plants, Ecosystems and environmental science can be inserted with the local wisdom of Timor; (2) the concepts of local wisdom relevant Timor integrated into the curriculum of Senior High Scholl Biology class X, among them: local wisdom about saving the environment, ceremonial nature and environment care, Philosophical life “Atoni Pah Meto”, clean water, trapping knowledge classification of plants, animals, knowledge of traditional medicines and health care utilization, properties of materials for the manufacture of traditional tools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.