Dynamics and Potentiality of Postgraduate Students Regarding Lifelong Learning. A Greek case.




The purpose of this article is to contribute to a gradually expanding discussion on the role of lifelong learning in the personal and professional lives of individuals, as well as on the socioeconomic trends and practices in the global context. It presents the results of a survey carried out with a structured questionnaire on postgraduate students in social and economic sciences in a Greek university, in order to explore their views, perceptions and attitudes regarding lifelong learning; it also explores the way in which these factors guide their ideological commitment of lifelong learners, as well as their corresponding dynamics and potentiality. The definition of these determinants would significantly enable the effective implementation of lifelong learning by contributing to a wider range of interventions, varying from planning activities to eventually influencing the socioeconomic environment and transforming relevant national and supranational strategies

Keywords: lifelong learning; adult learning; postgraduate studies; professional development; social qualities

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.