What are the Safety Considerations for Insulin Control for Athletes?

  •  Larry McDaniel    



Athletes diagnosed with diabetes may have difficulty with their blood sugar levels fluctuating during intense exercise. Considerations for athletes with insulin concerns may range anywhere from exercise rehabilitation to the use of an automatic insulin pump. The automatic insulin pump is a small battery-operated device about the size of a pager. The pump continuously delivers small doses of insulin to the body. It can be conveniently clipped to a belt, waistband, or carried in a pocket. Many athletes have used this machine to assist with insulin control. Medical people believe that those who use the insulin pump will experience better insulin control.  Insulin pumps should be padded during rough physical activity, such as football, because subjects have a needle inserted in the side of their abdomen. The insulin pump regulates blood sugar before and after practice to ensure insulin levels are appropriate. Checking insulin levels, while participating in physical activities, is a requirement to prevent further injuries.


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