Predicting Student Satisfaction with an Emphasis on Campus Recreational Sports and Cultural Facilities in a Turkish University

  •  Ali Çelik    
  •  Kübra Akyol    


The main purpose of this paper was to determine the predictors of student satisfaction focusing on campus recreational sports and cultural facilities. The present study utilized data from a written-questionnaire administered to one thousand adult undergraduate students. The dependent variable used in predicting student satisfaction was satisfaction levels of the respondents. Due to the ordinal nature of the dependent variable, an ordered logit model was performed to determine demographic and socio-economic determinants of campus sports and cultural facility satisfaction. Ordered logit estimation results revealed that younger aged, higher income, tuition loan holder, classical or folk music listener students studying in social sciences were less likely to have higher satisfaction than their counterparts. In addition, for many selected services, most of the students declared their dissatisfaction. Although there is an increasing number of studies conducted on student satisfaction in the existing literature, studies focusing on campus sports and cultural facility satisfaction are limited. This study is probably the first attempt to examine the predictors of campus sports and cultural facility satisfaction in northeastern Turkey using one of the categorical data estimation method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.