Degree of Student’s Assimilation to the Meaning of the Term Citizenships in the Schools High Grade Basic Level in Jordan

  •  Mohamed Al-Zboon    


This study aimed at identifying the degree of the Assimilation of the meaning of the term “CITIZENSHIP” by the high grade basic level school students in Jordan. The research sample was composed of (1116) male and female students during the scholastic year 2012/2013. To collect data and then measure results, the standard measurement tool for the meaning of citizenship was made up of (36) questions distributed over (12) “understandings” of the term citizenship, whereby each understanding was allocated three “positions” of the multiple choices given. The results of the research showed that the degree of students’ understanding of the concept of citizenship reached a positive percentage of (81%). Results also showed the presence of statistically high significant differences attributable to gender-variant towards female students in the majority of concepts; the study also showed significant statistical differences attributable to the place of residence, showing more positive understanding of students living in rural areas.

In the light of the results of this study, the researcher presented a set of recommendations which will hopefully help policy makers and educational curricula in Jordanian schools to promote the positive direction of students on the concept of good citizenship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.