The Use of Discourse Markers among Form Four SLL Students in Essay Writing

  •  Melor Yunus    
  •  Siti Haris    


This paper investigates the use of discourse markers among Form Four second language learner (SLL) students in essay writing. The objectives of this study are to discover how Form Four SLL students use discourse markers in their essay writing and to identify the teachers’ perception about the usage of discourse markers among students. 30 intermediate semi urban school students were chosen where all of the student’s essays writing were analyzed. The researchers analyzed the use of discourse markers in each paper and stated the usage of discourse marker under its own theme. Then, an interview was conducted with four English teachers who taught those students and it was transcribed before being analyzed. The result involved three categories of discourse markers in terms of misused, overused and advanced used.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.