Armenians’ Dual Identity in Jordan

  •  Ani Derderian-Aghajanian    


William Saroyan, a famous American Armenian writer states, “For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a New Armenia”(video,, 2009). This quote assures that there exist Armenian individuals who are willing to work for the group and its future in a global society. It is this way they have, up to now, succeeded in maintaining their cultural identity, and reproducing it through the years no matter what has happened in their surroundings. For example, the strength of Jordanian-Armenians lies in their solidarity. Through maintaining their unique cultural heritage and the assets that have always belonged to them, the community has, through the years, created an identity that will live on as long as there exist individuals to maintain it. By keeping the group’s infrastructure intact, this dual-identity Armenian and Jordanian in Jordan with different cultural differences, has continued to exist. This identity is reproduced within the group through global education, global socialization techno globalization and a common basis of values that sets it apart from new Diasporas.

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