Investigation and Analysis of Vocational Education for Chinese Migrant Workers of New Generation–Reflection from a Special Investigation in F City

  •  Liang Zhuoxin    


The research has chosen some migrant workers of new generation from different fields in F City to investigate their current situation of vocational education. The research reveals that their education is helpful, mainly in employment, work and the methods of mentorship and further study organized by employers. The research also reveals its problems: short in training time, high in out-of-pocket payments for training, theoretical in training and no support from leaders, etc. We find vocational development is influenced by the factors of the government, employers, training institutions and workers themselves. Based on the analysis, suggestions are put forward: making laws and regulations, establishing specialized management institutions, running school in alliance with enterprises, carrying out the general training, combining lecture with practice, perfecting training system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.