Study of Recall in Reading Skill with Relationship of Prior Knowledge–Researching Significative Intergrupal Differencies

  •  María del Pino    
  •  Vicente García    
  •  Juan Millán    


In this paper we try to assess whether there are differences in a group when their members try to remember the content of a text, and if this fact affects the learning levels through an experimental methodology with a design of two groups only with posttest to assess the readers’ free recall after reading a text. We found firstly interindividual and intergroup differences in recall of textual material. And secondly text comprehension and therefore the memory of the reading depend largely on reader's inferences. In this paper we propose a specific intervention in order to prepare students for a better understanding of the text read, using a simple methodology to apply with materials easy to prepare.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.