Improvement of Faculty's Qualities in Medical Colleges and the Construction of a "Five-in-one" Cultivation System under the Pattern of PBL

  •  Qin Chen    
  •  Hang Li    
  •  Fancai Zeng    
  •  Xiaorong Zeng    
  •  Lige Zheng    
  •  Xiang Li    


The instructional pattern of Problem-based Learning, which requires teachers to be “organizers, guides and cooperators” of their students’ learning, is now becoming a trend in the development of medical education around the world. In order to be competent in all the above mentioned roles, teachers need to be equipped with corresponding qualities. In this article, basic qualities under the ideal PBL conditions are summarized from relevant literatures and teachers’ practical ability was also understood through analysis of requirements. Then the difference between the ideals and reality was discovered, also a question data base was set up accordingly as the starting point to train teachers and seek a solution to intrigue them to implement PBL. Thus, a teachers’ training system of “Five in One”, the integration of requirement analysis, objectives setting, methods selection, content design and quality assurance, was constructed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.