Teacher’s Professional Use of Information and Communication Technology in Secondary Schools in Tamil Nadu, India

  •  Deepa Nagamani    
  •  Prema Muthuswamy    


The purpose of the study is to evaluate secondary school teachers’ abilities to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools in Tamil Nadu, India. Questionnaires method was used for data collection. Around 200 questionnaires were distributed to secondary school teachers and headmasters, in which 157 were completed and returned. Descriptive statistics principles with SPSS software were used for the analysis of the data. The study reports that use of computer and internet exist between the teachers of different age groups and various backgrounds. There were evidence of significant difference in the use of information and communication technology between teachers in different age group and location. The analysis also reports that there was no significant difference in the use of ICT by the gender. Thus, the overall finding of the study reports that teachers are moderately using ICT for professional purposes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.