Role of Social Studies for Pre-Service Teachers in Citizenship Education

  •  Seyedali Ahrari    
  •  Jamilah Othman    
  •  Md. Hassan    
  •  Bahaman Samah    
  •  Jeffrey D’Silva    


Developing pre-service teachers civically is the oldest need which is known for social studies. Social studies are the most humanistic science between other sciences. It is due to the goal of social studies to focus more on civic issues and its content. Teacher students can gain skill, knowledge, and trait of being a good citizen through courses and curricular activities by attending in social studies classrooms. Based on the importance of schools to cultivate civic values, this paper concentrates on prospect teachers as agents of social change for new generation. The civic function of social studies is based on the unique technique brought by them for teaching in classrooms. It is hoped that it may compel educational policymakers to develop future teachers to transmit civic knowledge and values for a democratic society and better responsible citizenship.

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