Promoting Scientific Literacy by Using ICT in Science Teaching

  •  Mohammed Salameh Al-Rsa'i    


This study aims to identify the way upon which ICT can be employed in science teaching to develop scientific literacy level.The study has conclude to design a triple learning model (PEA) based on ICT and constructive learning strategy in teaching science through a context which cares for building positive trends of searching for knowledge and increasing scientific literacy level of the students at schools and universities. The PEA model depends on the use of ICT in the teaching of science through the following three requirements:1. Using ICT in a way that is consistent with the tendencies of the students and their attitudes.2. Constructing educational content based on the constructivist theory of learning.3. Providing social learning environment.Thus, the study recommends the bodies in charge of the educational process to necessarily adopt the project of rebuilding scientific literacy through supplying classrooms and laboratories with ICT supplies as well as training teachers and faculty members in universities on science teaching skills by using ICT based on the Constructivist Theory.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.